How to beat stress at work place?

“Stress” is a common vocabulary in this new millennium; it has become a part of modern human despite of what he/she is, the major cause for stress is because of the pressure that one encounters through various mediums. It happens when one thinks that he/she cannot face the pressure that is being forced on him/her. The impact that stress has on a person is both physical and psychological, which should be fought in order to bring a better outcome in what one does. The best way to encounter Stress is by avoiding it coming in our way, and for those who are under the clutches of stress will have to fight with it.

De-Stressing is one way to fight with the Stress that rules over a person. People assume that “De-Stress” is a term that is generally associated with IT professions and professionals. Is it true? May be YES, but the truth is anybody could be a prey for stress that is being mismanaged. The indicated ‘anybody’ may be an IT professional, or a teacher, or even a child who has very less tasks to complete. Why does this happen? Where and how does Stress visit us? Finding answer for these questions is the only way to exterminate Stress from our lives.

Why, Where and How… Ask yourself…

The very first negative transition that makes you to think, “I don’t know why I am being like this…,” is cultivated by stress which is yet to conquer you gradually. The moment you feel that a day is not enough for you, it is when you feel you tiresome and frustrated. Poor time management may bring in troubles. In some other cases, the time is not really enough who is being chased by project targets, deadlines and for those who have to pull the family thread. Under such circumstances – prioritizing your work implications is important.

How to Prioritize?

  • Initially, save time for the mandatory. You and I, and every one of us, come across people who are expert in substituting their everyday tasks with other new arrivals. For instance, forsaking your everyday physical work-out comes under this category. Physical exercises are not only to keep us posing a clear-cut-figure but also to boost us by filling energy to our body and mind. Physical fitness and sanity are interconnected with one another. Demarcating personal and professional features fail here because sanity is necessary to be at any work station which would be supplied by physical fitness. One can further rely on Yoga one of the important medium of bringing peace to our Soul, giving time for yoga when we are stressed will help us to have peace of mind in all that we do. Yoga Such as five minutes of breathing exercise can help us in a great way in getting rid of unwanted thoughts and help us in concentrating on things that are necessary, to accomplish our dreams, or to chase our passion through the work that we do.
  • Giving priority to what we love will give happiness and fulfillment to our life. People forget to go behind things they love, when they take up job, this might be because of the heavy schedule that is being presented to them. Finding a way to go behind things that we love will create an enthusiasm, an energy which would make us works with a tantalizing spirit.

Create a Pleasant Environment around You:

Give a place to the driving force of your soul. Haven’t you found yet? If so, it is necessary for you to do so. For instance, some keep the pictures of their family members; and some, the pictures of their idols or inspired personalities or quotes or paintings. You must also remember that there is a lot of difference between what you like and what is good to you or to everybody in common. Place the pictures and objects that relax your mind and revitalize your thoughts – during when you should be aware of that those are to push you back to work when your spirit is down and not to divert you out of the working streamline.

Rivals at Your Work Place:

Now, giving a thought beyond your personal necessities and stepping out of your cabin or your desk would definitely lead to the persons who are beside and around you. You fear less for your boss comparatively to your colleague. Facing a fellow competent and emerging victorious over him/her at your workplace have become a part of everyone’s corporate life. This forms a major portion in stress’ frame. Added to the fuel, some uncertain happenings would be justified as corporate ethics. Things that we generally don’t like might happen around us, to which we can never raise our voice against. We might be loaded with quite a lot of works, but your colleague might be as free as a bird, all these things that happen around you might make you ponder over your position there. Here is where you need to employ another way to overcome such sort of situation, rather than getting tensed and ponder over the negative things, it would be better for you to divert yourselves in thinking of the positives that revolves around you in the work environment. When there are negatives around you, they would be positives equaling it.

One of the quotes of Plutarch says,

          “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

As Plutarch quotes, our mind is a fire that should be kindled with thoughts that are positive; those thoughts should make us enthusiastic in whatever we take up to do. Instead when we dump things that creates pressure to it, it reacts, it is when stress springs up, which dominates us later when we do not take care of it. Hence it is necessary for one to kindle his/her with positivity which will eventually help one to avoid stress that he/she would encounter in their work environment.

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