ResponsiveCV Reseller Plan

Are you a professional resume writer, Job Agency (or) Consultancy?

You are in the Job industry. You already have paying clients. 

Now think of these two scenarios from your client’s perspective.

Scenario 1: How would a client (the job seeker) see a resume writer’s service who delivers a professional resume along with a resume website?

Scenario 2: How would a client (the candidate) see a consultancy’s service that schedules interviews along with delivering a dedicated CV APP designed exclusively for the candidate?

The service provided in these two scenarios is perceived as more valuable than others. 

The perceived value the client has about your service helps the client to choose your service.

You can tremendously improve the perceived value of your service by providing a personalized CV website & App along with your service.

With our reseller plan, you can offer a CV website & App for your clients. 

All you need to have is the client’s LinkedIn profile (or) his resume. 

With a reseller plan, you can generate a document like the one below for every client, which has instructions for managing your client’s website & App from any phone. 

>>>PDF delivery document for your client<<<

You might have noticed all the links are associated with the client’s name in the PDF document. (Ex.

Your client can’t say that you used our reseller plan unless he is a pro who can smell an airplane from the coffee shop. 

You can also use your company name & logo on the PDF document you share with your client.

Why should you choose ResponsiveCV’s reseller plan? 

One word Answer: Value Delivered

When you try to get a domain name, hosting & an SSL certificate and look at the final cart price including taxes, it hovers around 50 USD. 

Just forget the technical complexity of building a client manageable website cum App and setting it all up & providing support for one whole year.

At ResponsiveCV, we’ll handle everything for you. 

With ResponsiveCV’s reseller plan, you pay 59USD for one client, including all setup costs. 

The differential 9USD is all we ask for all the technical expertise we built for years in building website cum apps & maintaining it seamlessly for years.

You need to pay for ten clients upfront to get a reseller plan (595USD) & you have one entire year to sell it at a price you choose. Then pay as you go for ten clients at a time.

Get Reseller plan for 595 USD

You focus on your service & we focus on ours, and together, we can make a world of difference in the value delivered.

I am not a job service provider. Can I join as an affiliate?

You can join the reseller plan by paying upfront for ten clients, which is 595USD

We do not call you an affiliate because we do not control the price you will sell to your clients. 

A CV Website & App lasts a lifetime & it helps in reverse job search. 

Don’t you believe you can easily convince any client to spend 200USD on a CV website & App that lasts a lifetime?

If not, start with zero investment. Find a client who agrees to pay a minimum of 100USD first & get a platinum plan for him @ 59USD. 

Once you get your first client & live portfolio, you will get the confidence needed to sell it to more clients.

Always remember happy clients come back for more & happily refer more people.

Then you can get the reseller plan to save more. 

Get Reseller Plan for 595 USD →

Reseller Plan Features

A reseller plan is ten times the platinum plan, which sells for 59USD for one client. You’ll get all platinum plan features (except email) displayed on our pricing page.

Along with platinum plan features, you’ll get the following features in the reseller plan.

► Specialized interface to manage multiple clients resume websites.

► Can save thousands of resumes on your reseller account.

► You can create sample resumes to offer demo to your clients. Sample invitations have domain name.

► Download delivery documents to your client with your personal or company’s branding. See sample document here

► Pay as you go in multiples of ten once the account limit is reached.

► Marketing materials & screenshots to convince your client.

Together, let’s make a world a difference in the quality of service delivered to clients.

Get Reseller Plan for 595 USD →