How to download resume from LinkedIn with mobile app

Downloading resume from official LinkedIn app as PDF is not supported as of now. However, you can use our app ResponsiveCV to download a resume from LinkedIn as a PDF. Official site allows just to download only limited sections, but our app downloads your complete profile including projects, skills & accomplishments. It serves as a complete CV for any job you are applying for & a free LinkedIn resume builder.

Don’t delay sending your profile to that opportunity just because you didn’t have a perfect resume done, use this method and send your profile instantly in less than 2 minutes.

There is no need to download the ResponsiveCV app now. (Download is not working from the responsivecv app too because of LinkedIn policies )

You can now just use iPhone Safari (or) android chrome browser to save your LinkedIn profile as a web archive & upload it in the following link. You can instantly download your profile as a PDF, JPG & as an Offline App too.

Save linkedin profile as webarchive

Import Profile from LinkedIn Now →

It works in both android & iPhones.

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Step 1: Install app from play store or iOS Store

Install our app ResponsiveCV from iOS store or from android store , just use your phone scanner app to scan below QR codes to install the mobile app.

Download LinkedIn resume with mobile app
Download LinkedIn resume with mobile app

Step 2: Open app and press “Connect with LinkedIn” button

Connect with LinkedIn using your LinkedIn username/password.
Connect with LinkedIn using your LinkedIn username/password.

Step 3: Press “Make Resume from LinkedIn” button

Press Make resume from LinkedIn button to download PDF
Press Make resume from LinkedIn button to download PDF

Step 4 : Press “Download PDF” button

Download PDF to Local Storage (or) send PDF to email
Download PDF to Local Storage (or) send PDF to email

Now your LinkedIn resume is downloaded to the your mobile device in PDF format. You can also choose to download in word format by pressing the Download Word button.

You can choose many templates from the gallery and choose to download a LinkedIn resume in that customized resume template.

As you see in the image below your LinkedIn profile picture also gets downloaded and automatically attached to the template. You can choose to show or not in the resume from settings.

A simple 30 second process to create printable, shareable resume from linkedin
A resume template after a CV is made from linkedin

Convert your LinkedIn profile to a website before sending PDF via email.

Sending resume a PDF has several shortcomings. Instead, attach a domain to your online CV such as

Example CV Website created from LinkedIn profile in 2 simple steps.

See how your website looks in social share mediums after attaching domain name.

Your CV shared on Whatsapp
CV on Iphone whatsapp
Responsive CV on linkedin
CV on LinkedIn

Learn Why you need a website?

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