Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

We know it takes lot of time and effort for you to create a professional looking CV. This site facilitates the CV creation task for its users. This site is dedicated to help you make awesome first impression on your job interview by assisting you to create responsive online cv effortlessly. We also provide unique 3D QR code for the ease of access of your CV on mobile devices. This site also hosts your CV's online so that you can share with the world instantly.

You can go to the create CV page and fill in the form porvided. It's easy and simple. Please see the following video tutorial

Yes, This site is completely free to use. You can create a free account and can create, save and share your CV's online.

We presently support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browsers, Internet Explorer, Opera, safari and other major browsers. This site works best on the most recent versions of browsers

Due to enormous amount of CV's created here online we place all free CV requests on a seperate job queue which takes 5-6 hours of time to get processed and to go live online. In this 5 hours we review the uploaded image(if any) adhere to our image upload policies and take care of unique QR code generation process. Also to provide consistancy to our premium CV users we place all Free CV creation requests to a seperate job queue, premium CV creation requests takes top priority. You can choose to order premium features to take your CV live to this whole world in less than 5 minutes.

Step1 : Kindly make sure whehter the payment passed through and your bank account got debited for the amount.

Step 2 : You'll get plan activation email for the same if your payment is approved from our end, If you didn't get email in the subject "Your CV is now Active", kindly check the spam folder, Else login to your account, go to "My Account" page and check account type on the top. If the account type haven't changed to paid plan and your bank account already got debited, kindly contact us, we'll prompltly revert back in 1 business day.

Step 3: If the account type changed as "Premium", and you still can't access the premium features, kindly do the following

Step 4: Clear the browsers history and cache. To do this press CTRL + ALT + DEL on your browser window and clear everything.

Step 5: Kindly Login again to your account using the same email and password used while ordering the account.

Step 6: Now you should be able to use premium features. If for some reasons you still can't access it, kindly contact us, we'll promptly reply with in 1 business day.


Account related questions

Make sure that you are using right username and password combination. Try resetting your password using forgot password link.

Try logging in with your Google account or Facebook account. We recommend logging in with your Google (or) Facebook account because it's 20% faster and also the security & authentication are provided by Google and Facebook respectively.

Sometimes this happens because we detected some unusual activity on your account and so your account is placed on a temporary hold. To keep your account data safe your account will be temporarily placed on hold for a stipulated amount of time so you couldn't able to login even with the right password. You can able to login after 30 minutes or so after the hold on your account is released.

The following are categorized as unusual activities

You tried to login with wrong username and password more than 5 times within a short time period. If you don't remember your password try resetting your password using forgot password link (or) we recommend logging in to your theresponsivecv account with Google or Facebook credentials.

We detected that your account is logged in from multiple locations. (i.e) You can login to your account in multiple browsers from a single computer, Mobile or a Tablet at the same time as long as all the devices are using the same internet connection (or) same IP. Logging in to your account at different places is strictly prohibited as this accounts to our security policy voilation. The usage of our services are subject to standard security policies we are forced to follow to get the security standards since the sensitive information of yours needs to be saved and protected.

Note: Sometimes even if you haven't shared your theresponsivecv username and password with anyone, others can login to your account if they know your facebook password or google account password.

Somone tried to execute some scripts using your account and hack into our system making all our clients data at risk. Please be informed theresponsivecv reserves the right to suspend the services of any account without notice if we have proof of such activity in any account.

No computer program is perfect, if you believe that your account is blocked by mistake kindly contact us we'll revert back with in 1 business day.

Something unusual happened while trying to authenticate your account such as internet connectivity issues, multiple login requests etc. If you haven't recieve a response with in 3-4 seconds try refreshing the webpage completely and try logging in again.

Every user can usually able to login to his account within 2-3 seconds for sure.