Importing from Linkedin profile is simpler using Google Chrome extension.

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Copy this page link and open it using Google chrome logo Chrome browser

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If you are willing to use other browsers, proceed below

Step 1 : Install IOS App from app store

Go to app store on your mobile by scanning the QR code below (or) go to on web browser

Follow image below

Install Responsive CV IOS app

Trouble installing our app ? Use file upload method instead.

Step 2 : Connect with Linkedin & Import

Open IOS app Responsive CV on your phone and then & click on blue button
Connect with LinkedIn & then
Make Resume with LinkedIn

Responsive CV application workflow

Video Illustration

Step 1.

Login to your linkedin profile

Goto Linkedin Now →

Step 2.

Step 3.

Drag & drop saved HTML file in the box below

Trouble uploading file ? Use chrome extension method instead.