Best time to email a resume – How to email resume ?

Monday morning 5AM – 7AM.

Remember: Last In to the mailbox – First to be seen by recipient.

If you send an email Friday night and expect a call by weekend, may be you are out of luck.

In 2 days multiple mails will have come to the persons mail box, when the person opens mail box monday morning your email will be 30+ in the list and it may get lost in the crowd.

Alternatively, how about you sent 7AM in the morning ?

The recruiter will see your mail first when he logs in, possiblity of getting a response is very high.

Best Subject to send a resume

Your First Name _ Position Applying _ JobCode if available_ Skill _ Years of Exp _ Contact No : Resume Attached.

For example

Jagan _ UI Architect _ 5+ years Exp _ 99323512245 : Resume Attached

Think of recruiter who shortlist your resume, he may go through 100’s of resumes.

Give him valid information in the subject, so that he can remember and search later also if required.

Most offices use Outlook, whose search functionality is limited to only subject.

Best Filename to send a resume



Best File Format to send resumes

The best file format is PDF.

Cons of Sending in docx.

The recipient system should have same version of microsoft word you used to create your resume, else formatting looks different.

Some older versions of word will not even open .docx file.

So it’s safe to send in PDF, whatever you see in the file is what recruiters see for sure 100%. No software needed too. All browsers has builtin plugin nowadays to open PDF (but not docx). So possibility of your resume to open in recipient system is 100% in the same formatting.

Also attach an online version of your resume, just in case if the recruiter is unable to download files.

Yes it happens, the recipient system is behind multiple proxy setting, files above certain size, certain type will get filtered and they will not even get your attachment or email in the first place.

(Have a personal experience in this – Top bank in India – Am Making investment, the concerned person asked me send email of the documents – I sent. 2 days later not received by the bank – they contacted again, again & again. Frustrated me declined the investment option – took the screenshot of email sent & sent in whatsapp to the manager. After a week the manager came back personally to meet me & explained how their proxy server blocked incoming files whose size is greater than 2MB – So stuff happens be safe.)

Use services like

Online CV Builder with Free Mobile Resume and QR Code – Resume Maker to create an online resume for you which gives a HTTPS link to share your online resume.

Avoid using multiple links, which are not https

Avoid using any reference links in your email. Especially if it’s http. Use only secure links if you are attaching online version of your resume.

If you include multiple non secure links the recipient mailbox may consider it as SPAM.

Be creative and build a resume that inspires to take action

There are plenty of online services that can create a resume for you, but why should you use responsiveCV (.) com ?

Because it automatically generate a digital mobile resume and attaches a QR code to your resume which has dedicated “Call Me” & “Email Me” buttons. which when clicked will connect to you directly

The possibility of the recruiter to get impressed by your creativity is very high. The possibility of getting a response to your profile is way too high than the crowd.

Here is sample of resume templates you can use

You can also import your LinkedIn profile if you have one in just 2 clicks and edit it to your requirements.

Linkedin Resume Builder – Import your Linkedin Profile in 3 easy steps

Be creative, build a resume that inspires, be unique & make an awesome first impression.

You’ll get a response for sure.

All the best.

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