Responsive CV got Improved for a better service.

I am Jagan Krishnaraj, the person behind the service since Feb 2013.

Responsive CV just occurred as an idea on FEB 2013, and it first went live on Nov 2013. From that time until now, ResponsiveCV served more than 50,000 people worldwide.

The mobile devices were just developing at that time & the mobile screen sizes are too small to create a resume.

So the responsive cv was created focused mainly to work on desktop browsers.

So much has been changed since then. Now it’s May 2020, Mobile devices have become so much powerful than desktop PC’s and the screen sizes became so much comfortable to seamlessly create and edit a complete resume.

So this update is focused to support all mobile device browsers seamlessly. The new design made to access features seamlessly both on PC and mobile devices.

Also I added some new interesting features that help you stand out.

The vision of ResponsiveCV since its launch is to help you make an awesome first impression with your CV.

In this upgrade, I took that vision a step further.

What features are new in this update on May 2020?

The first thing you noticed is the design. It’s made mobile friendly. The navigation is also improved.

Personal domain name for your CV

Now you can attach a domain name to your CV.

You can attach a complete branded domain name like

Attach a domain name to your CV

You choose the domain name to attach to your CV. Suggestions to the domain name are shown based on domain availability with your full name as a keyword.

You can choose to change it by clicking the change button. It has inbuilt domain search functionality.

Inbuilt Domain search functionality responsive cv
Inbuilt Domain Search Functionality

Just click the Activate button, the name gets attached to your CV in less than 24 hours.

Why a domain name is needed for a CV?
Every recruited look at your online presence before contacting you, so having a domain name like will make you appear in the search results & improve the chances of getting a response.

Sharing a CV as PDF in an email is a thing of past, now share it as, your CV instantly gets the attention it deserves to get.

Disclaimer: We don’t promise that your CV appears in search results as it depends on many factors outside our control.

All we say is you take the chance to appear in the search results, there are things you can do to expedite the process by submitting it to search engines.

We say on thing for sure: You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take.

Download Resume as JPG

Now you can download your resume as JPG to share it in WhatsApp quickly.

There are times when you need to do a quick share & be sure that CV opens for the recipient regardless of the device the recipient is using.

A JPG image formats come as a rescue, it is natively supported by all share applications and mobile devices.

NO extra software required to open a CV with JPG format, it just gets the job done.

Download resume as JPG

Why image format you might ask, here’s why.

This is how your CV looks on a whatsapp when shared from your account.

CV on iPhone whatsapp

It shows the recruiter a glimpse of what’s in the CV, even before the recipient makes an effort to open the CV in the first place.

Sharing CV Made Simple & effective.

Now we introduced a share module where you can take control of sharing your CV on different social mediums.

Share responsive cv on social mediums

Make sure that your CV gets needed attention everywhere.

Be it WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or just an SMS. It draws attention everywhere.

Try it for yourself: Just type in and see in WhatsApp, iMessage SMS, or Linkedin. You don’t have to post it to see the preview.

Here’s some screenshots

It draws attention everywhere,

Submit your CV Link to Google & Bing search engines

Since your CV is on the primary domain name, search engines will prioritize displaying it on the search results.

To expedite the process, you can post your CV link to their index.

It’s a simple 5-minute process, you have to do it with your own Google & Bing account by following this tutorial.

You have to add a meta tag provided by them to your CV.

SSL Certificate for your domain

We attach an SSL certificate for all platinum accounts for 90 days. so that your CV loads from

No browser shows a warning about SSL issue for 90 days.

Email setup

You can request a custom email like We can set it up for a year for an additional fee.

You can even setup your email clients on the mobile phone with your email address.

Google Analytics tracking.

No report is as detailed and as accurate as google analytics report.

This feature will be available from June first week for Platinum account holders.

With this feature, you can accurately track who visited your CV.

Responsive CV iOS & Android APP got upgraded

The recent version of the iOS app is 1.5.0

The recent version on android is 1.9.0

If you have and android & responsiveCV is already installed, it doesn’t automatically update, you have to uninstall the previous version and update it to the latest version.

Android App got many negative reviews due to the inability to maintain it. All the people who gave negative reviews are free users.

Android is just evolving, the policy changes are so frequent & so drastic. So the app got removed from the android store for quite some time. It’s now revived.

Your Next JOB SEARCH is going to be seamless.

Nowadays personal branding is becoming very important.

You attached your name to your CV such as, you got a job in 90 days and you forget about your CV.

But this domain name will help you in your next job search maybe after 3 to 5 years.

By the time LeonCV would have become a brand, it can instantly show up in search results for your name.

Maybe you get calls out of the blue from the companies when you are not even looking. Your CV is always working for you whether or not you looking for the job.

How this upgrade affects present site users?

Now your cv loads from

It’s not a redirect. CV loads from short domain, previously your short link redirects to

Now as a premium user you can request a premium link for your cv like

It gets activated instantly.

Request premium link responsive cv
Click Attach Premium Link

Once you click Attach Premium link, you have to search for the availability.

Search domain availablity.

Once you click on Activate, it gets automatically assigned to your CV.

From then on your CV always loads from the short domain. NO REDIRECTION to responsive

As a precaution, I disabled the account expiry module. No premium account expires for the next 30 days,

It means existing users get 30 days extra days of validity.

Your account may show a warning about account expiry but it doesn’t actually expire.

Your CV’s continue to work until mid June.


We faced issues in email delivery and receiving due to moving email delivery to Amazon SES. So you might not receive a warning about account expiry.

Removed the points-based system for extending account validity for all users.

Your account can show a false warning message about account expiry even though it has validity.

Sometimes you receive emails twice or not receive emails at all. I am working to fix this issue s soon as possible.

Due to COVID19, there is limited support from amazon.

If you have contacted support and there is no response. Contact on Whatsapp for Quick Support

Technical Advantages for premium and platinum users.

Our servers are moved to AWS cloud. AWS cloud gives a lot of flexibility while keeping the maintenance minimal. I did pass on all benefits directly to users.

Premium and platinum users resume loads from separate AWS instance, which means your CVs get loaded faster.

Even if goes down your premium & platinum users CV’s continue to work.

Our email delivery is sent through Amazon Simple email service. So you find emails in your inbox always. Trust score is above 99%.

The images are stored in the s3 bucket and served through CloudFront CDN, so your CVs get loaded even faster.

ResponsiveCV is always dedicated to help you make an awesome first impression.

Have thoughts and suggestions kindly write to support@responsive or WhatsApp to +91 944 584 9811

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