How to Make a resume website easily with our resume website builder?

Having a resume website such as gives you an impressive first impresion & it makess you stand out from the majority of job seekers.

Why you need a resume website?

There are several advantages for having a resume website.

  • You establish a personal brand online.
  • You can do a reverse job search.
  • Your resume website appears in Google search results for your name.
  • You leverage the power of the search engines to work for you.
  • Your resume can be easily shared and viewed online.
  • You can be 100% sure that your resume opens on the recipient regardless of the device he is using.
  • It becomes so easy for people to contact you through your website.
  • Your resume website can be easily bookmarked to mobile device home screen.
  • You create an awesome first impression and tremendously increase the chances of getting a response.
Responsive CV bookmarked to home screen

How to create a resume website?

There is a hard way and a easy way. First let me discuss the hard way,

  • Register a domain name (15 USD/ Year)
  • Purchase a web hosting (30 USD/ Year)
  • Install SSL certificate ( 30 USD/ Year )
  • Do HTML coding required.
  • Choosing webserver & server-side language
  • Upload files, images, etc.
  • Secure a web server from attacks. (30 USD/ Year)
  • Optimize the load time of your website.

Seriously this seems to be a lot of work and it also takes more than a 100 USD per year and hell lot of your time do it right.

If you are a geek, you probably know how to do it all right.
There is another category of users, who are the majority. For them there is a easy way and also it can be done after 50% of the price.

The easy way is to use our website builder to create and host your resume & attach a domain name.

How to use the ResponsiveCV Resume Website Builder?

Our builder is very simple to use. Follow the 4 simple steps shown below

Resume website builder

Once you click on Save Online,

Attach domain name to your cv.

Then click on Activate green button, you’ll see a popup, choose to pay as little as $4.90/month.

Activate platinum plan with resume website.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can easily import it to create a resume website in 2 minutes.

For $4.90 a month, you get

  • A domain name –
  • CV hosted fast AWS Cloud Hosting
  • SSL certificate (
  • Ultra-secure webserver
  • Submit to search engines
  • Google Analytics reports.
  • No HTML coding, No file upload needed.
  • Create 10 similar resumes tailored to each job search you apply.

You concentrate on your interviews while we do the hard work on creating & maintaining your resume online.

Create a resume website now →

Start to create your personal brand online now. Lets show everyone that you are unique.