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What’s the best way to get your resume noticed?

Your résumé is a Marketing Material which has to sell your Personal Brand.  You need to create a resume that brings out the best of what you possess, and do it in such a way that it looks appealing enough to get their attention. There are many creative alternatives to get your resume noticed. Some of them are listed here. Tweet the company you want to work with, retweet and engage in their conversation, when the time comes just mention that you applied for a position in a retweet. Give a value proposition. List 3 areas where the company could improve, or the application, service… Read more »

How to add QR code on Resume/CV ?

Method 1 : Add QR Code on Resume It’s fairly simple to add a QR code on a resume. Go to QR code generator online, give a link to your online resume The QR code will be downloaded on your system as JPG file. Go to your word editor insert this QR code on your resume. Method 2 : Using ResponsiveCV to Create Resume with QR code The above method works only if you already have an online version of resume hosted somewhere and have a permanent link to it to access it. Also online version of resume doesn’t load well… Read more »

Should you include QR code on Resume ?

Yes. You should include QR code on resume for the following advantages it offers. It creates a visual impression on your resume the very first time the recruiter sees it. It directs to a dedicated mobile version of resume where there is whole lots of necessary information about you which paper resumes can’t deliver. The mobile version of resume can have live links to the projects done, references, testimonials and even a LinkedIn profile which has whole lot of information the recruiter needs. The QR code makes it easier for recruiter to contact you with a dedicated “Call Me” &… Read more »

Site Relic – Free Service To test Website Performance

If you are a website owner you can test how your website is performing at different locations using Site Relic. It’s a Free tool to test how your website is performing at different locations. Apart from website performance metrics, this free tool provides lot of extra metrics such as Screenshot Checker Website Security Check HTTP/2 Test X-Content Type Options Header HTTP Header Checker/X-XSS Protection Header/X-Frame Options Header & more SPF Record DNS Record Lookup DNSSEC SSL Checker Safe Browsing CORS Checker All these for free. You can start from here.

What should you write in email body when sending your Resume/CV?

Keep It Short – Sample Email Body when sending Resume/CV So you are emailing a resume with an attachment. Let the recipients know that you attached the resume in the subject line. Resume Subject line Speaks it all Sample Subject Line :  Applying for UI Developer – Job Code – 17XX23 – Resume Attached Remember, a recruiter has to recruit for several job openings at once. They use several hiring mediums. So include the JOB CODE if you found one. It is located on the ad you saw on LinkedIn or any Job sites. Also, look for who posted the ad at… Read more »

How to email a Resume/CV ?

Best time to email a resume – How to email resume? Monday morning 5 AM – 7 AM. Remember Last Into the mailbox – First to be seen by the recipient. If you send an email Friday night and expect a call by the weekend, maybe you are out of luck. In 2 days multiple mails will have come to the person’s mailbox, when the person opens the mailbox Monday morning your email will be 30+ in the list and it may get lost in the crowd. Alternatively, how about you sent 7 AM in the morning? The recruiter will… Read more »

How to download resume in PDF/word format ?

You created resume through responsive CV .com. Here is how you can download your resume through PDF/Word format. Step 1 : Login to your ResponsiveCV account. You can use your Email/Password or your social accounts such as Facebook/Google/Linkedin Step 2 : Navigate to saved CV’s page, Click on Options dropdown on the CV you wish to download.   To download your CV as Word Format, click on “Download as Word” from the options drop-down. It’s that easy and simple. If you have trouble downloading your Resume, keep your resume as public before downloading. If you still have trouble contact us, we… Read more »

How to beat stress at work place?

“Stress” is a common vocabulary in this new millennium; it has become a part of modern human despite of what he/she is, the major cause for stress is because of the pressure that one encounters through various mediums. It happens when one thinks that he/she cannot face the pressure that is being forced on him/her. The impact that stress has on a person is both physical and psychological, which should be fought in order to bring a better outcome in what one does. The best way to encounter Stress is by avoiding it coming in our way, and for those… Read more »

Common Reasons why your resume can be ignored and how to avoid them

There are several things that can go wrong with a resume. It is always considered best to take measures to prevent it from happening. You may have to pour over hundreds of resumes before you get a basic idea on how to sell yourself or you can just learn from everyone else’s mistakes. When you learn to correct mistakes before they even happen then you are on the right track towards building a good resume. The following are the simple common reasons why your resume can be ignored, you can concentrate on avoiding them the next time you build the… Read more »

4 Simple things employers look for in every job interview!

An interviewer for any job position has only one goal in mind: to find a candidate that best matches the job description. Until he does so, he will keep looking through all of the applicants. There will always be a set of essentials in the job description which they require and if you happen to possess these skills then you will be hired. So it is safe to say that the key to turning an interview around in your favor is to sync your abilities with the abilities the company is looking for. Creativity: The first thing to keep in… Read more »

Useful tips to improve your online resume

A resume is the best you have when it comes to representing yourself and what you stand for. If you map your resume right, you will successfully be able to advertise your skills, experience and your achievements. To show all of these qualities under the right light you must first master the art of writing a resume. An online resume is more flexible and adaptable to the modern day employment seeker. It allows the applicant to highlight his selling-points so that an interested party is drawn to these points as soon as he opens the file. There are also several… Read more »

Ten reasons why you should have an online resume!

The boom and rise of the internet brought about the need for everyone to take their life to the next level. Everyone who wanted to be found can now be found online with just a few taps. Gone were the days where you had to go about things in a twisted way before you could find someone’s name and number. All applicants who apply will be asked to send in an online resume which the company will be free to peruse. Online resume’s takes a lot less time and energy on the company’s part to cross check with the job… Read more »

8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Like a bad breakup, an unsuccessful job interview can leave you feeling broken and rejected, wondering why you never got a call back. While a recruiter will rarely tell you why you were bypassed, the truth is, most rejections are due to the same basic issues. Occasionally the situation is simply out of your control, but sometimes you have to recognize that they’re just not that into you. Here are eight possible reasons why: 1. You didn’t have chemistry. As frustratingly simple as this explanation is, sometimes it’s true—you and the interviewer just didn’t click. This could happen for a… Read more »

How to apply for a job when you don’t meet all the requirements

Are you Are you ready for one of the best-kept secrets of the job search process? Unless the person doing the hiring has previously worked in the exact role he’s trying to fill, a fair amount of the job description is guesswork. Think about it: Hiring managers have to write a description that will simultaneously entice people to apply and ward off those who wouldn’t qualify for an interview. Also, haven’t you heard stories of a person who “met all of the qualifications” being passed over in the final stages for someone who “seemed like a better fit?” Probably so… Read more »

12 Ways to Mess Up a Job Interview—and 12 Ways to Ace It

Congratulations! You’ve been diligent about finding a new job, and you’ve finally landed an interview. What happens next? You’ve got to prepare—carefully. Because it’s not OK just to show up. One or two missteps can disqualify you as a candidate, even if you have the right experience and skills. If you really want to be considered for the position, to get hired, know what not to do, and, instead, what you should do, before and during the interview. 1. DON’T: Ask what the company does and how it’s organized. The message: You’re just looking for a pay-check and don’t care… Read more »

What Not to Wear to an Interview

I have hired hundreds of employees right out of school over the years as the founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley-based manufacturing company. However qualified—and they’re all highly educated and extremely talented—one of the most common mistakes I see is wardrobe choice, and this is true for both women and men. It’s a shame, because no matter how good you look on paper, how you present yourself makes the most impact with a potential employer or new client. As cliché as it might sound, you have to learn to dress for success. Here are six tips: 1. Do your… Read more »

5 habits that can turn interviewers against you

Having spent the last decade recruiting, I’ve had many a conversation with hiring managers after a candidate exits the interview. And, while I always hope for exceptional feedback, sometimes the news is not so glowing. Sometimes, the candidate has done something so annoying to the interviewer that, at best, she is now questioning her interest in keeping this person in the running. What are the things that drive interviewers the most crazy? Listen and learn. 1. You arrive super early Everybody knows that you’re an idiot if you show up late for an interview. It’s completely disrespectful of the interviewer’s… Read more »

7 Ways To Be One Of The Best Job Applicants

Applying for jobs can be nerve-wracking. You want to present yourself in the best possible way without sounding like a braggart and you want to do what you can to get the job. How do you show yourself to be the best candidate without saying things like, “I’m amazing”? The single best way to show a potential employer that you are the best applicant is to genuinely want the job and act accordingly. Sound excited for the position and be ready to show why you want it. Here are some ways to prepare yourself before the interview and look great… Read more »

8 Important Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance

When recruiters look through a stack of resumes for candidate screening, what is the vital information they focus upon? Answer by Ambra Benjamin, engineering recruiter at Facebook, previously LivingSocial, Google and Expedia. I think this varies from recruiter to recruiter and also depends on the role for which you’re applying. For one, I don’t look through stacks of resumes anymore. I hate paper. I do everything online. But I’ll highlight briefly how I personally absorb a resume. I should preface this by saying that I primarily recruit for senior-level individuals. In my past life, I was a campus recruiter and you… Read more »