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WEEK EIGHT: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

Week eight has no tasks to do. You’ve already done enough in the last seven weeks. You should have started seeing results in some way now. This week is about the habits & the way of living. Jim Rohn says stress is looking for an above-average job with above-average pay before becoming above average person. Strive to become an above-average person.  An above-average person is intensely focused on improving himself.   He relentlessly focuses on self-improvement. He practices mindfulness/meditation/physical exercise. He is intensely grateful for every fiber of his being. He is aware of what he is putting into his body. … Read more »

WEEK SEVEN: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

I remember a clear line from a documentary on survival, There are many other versions of humans before us (Homo Sapiens). All of them are extinct, but we survived only because of ONE distinct feature we had–The ability to create & use tools. It’s the ability to create tools (weapons & fire) from stones that made us survive, while the rest perished. I discuss many such STONES today. What you can make out of it will make all the difference. Today the hunting ground is different, but still, we need to MAXIMIZE that ability to use tools. All the tools… Read more »

WEEK SIX: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

Thank you for choosing to become a platinum user. I am grateful.  The service, ResponsiveCV, has one VISION since 2013.  Vision: It’s dedicated to help you make an awesome first impression. After helping thousands of people in the last seven years, I see a pattern.    In whatever profile these suggestions are implemented, I see opportunities pop up out of nowhere.  I tested it on my wife’s profile. She works at ORACLE now. I tried it on fresher’s account too. I sense a pattern. Once the LinkedIn profile is updated, leads show up after 3-7 days.  It gets 1-2 leads. Then… Read more »

WEEK FIVE: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

Last week, i talked about creating valuable content in your industry. If you feel happy & contended to give away knowledge to help struggling people / Businesses, that’s awesome.  The motive of creating knowledgeable content in your industry is to help people & build your reputation simultaneously. You should draw a clear line on what you should and should not do.  Every video, answer, post, a comment you make should have ONE objective. OBJECTIVE: The content you create in your industry should help a community as a whole, not focused on a single person/business. People, by default, assume that you… Read more »

WEEK FOUR: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

Submit CV Link to Google.  Now it’s been a week since you activated a domain name for your CV.  Now it’s time to let the search engines know that you created your CV.  Follow the tutorial below to submit your CV link to google & bing.  You’ll be using your google account & Microsoft account. I suggest creating a separate Google account for brand building. Whatever new accounts you create, send the username/password to the Documents WhatsApp group you made. If your work mobile device is Android-based, you can use this Google account to set up the device.  Setup Google Analytics Google Analytics can… Read more »

WEEK THREE: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

This week you will do less thinking but more doing.  Get a Domain name for your brand. It would help if you had a domain name online with your brand name.  If you chose your full name as your brand name, you need to get  If you have already had a platinum plan with ResponsiveCV, you can choose one by following the video below. If not, start choosing from here. Get Domain Name with Email. We do all the hard work for you. We’ll set up your domain name & make it secure with an SSL certificate & attach… Read more »

WEEK TWO: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

This week Start with WHY.  In the previous week, I talked about laying a solid foundation. This week’s post is about strengthening it further.  Get these details ready and stick to them for a year. Your Brand Name  Profile Picture Tagline A killer summary.  I know what you think, you can get it ready in hours (or) you already have it. I challenge you to rethink it, spend at least five days reviewing & rewriting your message.  Make it align with your WHY,  Also, Make it in sync with your personality, passion & purpose.  The following tips will magnify your… Read more »

WEEK ONE: Creative Personal Branding Strategies for Job Search

It’s essential to lay a solid foundation before you even start thinking of personal branding. Where do you expect to see the results of your work on personal branding? A notification or a call on your personal mobile for interview? How alert will you be when something important comes up in the list of 100 notifications? Don’t you think setting up a separate mobile for your job search-related branding work is a good idea? All the work you will do on personal branding in subsequent weeks will reflect on one device & that is not your personal mobile. Advantages of… Read more »

How to use our resume builder app to create a professional resume?

ResponsiveCV resume builder app can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store and android play store. Get App from iOS App Store → Get App from Google Play Store → There are times that you need a resume urgently and all you have is a mobile device. Mobile devices in 2020 are so powerful to create & edit a resume. You can use it as a complete resume builder app on the fly and create your resume in minutes either by typing your details or by importing your LinkedIn profile. With our free Resume builder app, you can… Read more »

Advantages of having Personal domain name for your digital Resume

Having a personal domain name for your digital resume creates you personal brand online. For example, you can have a name like, if your name is Leon Anderson. At ResponsiveCV, every resume created can have a primary domain name like & its very simple to build a resume with our resume builder powered with instant preview. You can leverage the power of search engines to get your CV noticed. You can also use tools such as Google Analytics to track and improve your resume. Some of the advantages of having a domain name are summed up as follows…. Read more »

How to Make a resume website easily with our resume website builder?

Having a resume website such as gives you an impressive first impresion & it makess you stand out from the majority of job seekers. Why you need a resume website? There are several advantages for having a resume website. You establish a personal brand online. You can do a reverse job search. Your resume website appears in Google search results for your name. You leverage the power of the search engines to work for you. Your resume can be easily shared and viewed online. You can be 100% sure that your resume opens on the recipient regardless of the… Read more »

Is LinkedIn premium worth it? & what are LinkedIn premium benefits?

Is LinkedIn premium worth it for the price you are paying? Let’s discuss it in detail. I’ll also talk about LinkedIn premium benefits & LinkedIn premium cost vs. value ratio on 2 of its plans. Let me assume that the reason you are looking to activate LinkedIn Premium is to get a job offer. I evaluate premium features based on that goal. If you have not optimized your LinkedIn profile, follow this article & optimize your LinkedIn profile first before proceeding for the upgrade. It’s Very important to have your profile optimized for a job search. LinkedIn Premium Plans LinkedIn… Read more »

Linkedin profile optimization in 2020: 7 tweaks to boost profile visibility.

LinkedIn profile optimization is spoken by many of them, but every single one of them does it through a job seeker way. I am going to tell it from a recruiter point of view. Lets think of LinkedIn as a massive search engine, just like Google. Google sorts trillions of pages to show you relevant information, whereas LinkedIn processes millions of candidate profiles. If you want to know the scale at which LinkedIn search engine works, here is the screenshot of candidates who are open for a new position at a time in ONE city for a senior role. The… Read more »

What is reverse job search and how to do it effectively to land a job?

You are probably hearing this term “Reverse job search” for the first time, but many creative people are doing it already and succeed in landing a job through it. It is also termed as reverse job application. The difference between normal Vs. reverse job search is summed up effectively in the image below. Create a Website & attach a domain name like Instead of having a resume as PDF, you need to create a website & attach a domain name like as a first step. Install an SSL certificate. Submit your resume website to search engines like Google… Read more »

How to find a job during the Coronavirus recession?

You may be applying for 20+ jobs every day but not getting any reverts from anyone. You are sending them E-Mails, Messaging on LinkedIn, trying to connect but still, you are not able to get any positive response. This is Unfortunate! But you have to accept the fact that the worst is even yet to come. COVID has hurt almost every Industry, and new hirings will remain impacted heavily. These are the things that you can’t control. Instead, focus on the things that you can control. Change your approach. Do Reverse Job Search Enhance your LinkedIn profile. Upgrade your email… Read more »

Build a resume website with your LinkedIn profile in 2 simple steps

It’s not going to take a lot of time to build a resume website. You can do that in less than two minutes if you have a LinkedIn profile. If not, you can do it in 30 minutes. Read more to find out how. is a resume website created with ResponsiveCV. Why you need a resume website? There are several advantages of having your domain attached to a CV.  You create your brand online.  You create an impressive first impression. Your full name appears in Google search results. You can track the search performance of your resume with Google… Read more »

How to submit the CV link to Google & Bing index

This tutorial is applicable only for users who have a platinum account & have a domain name like attached to the CV. Why do you need to submit a CV Link to Google & Bing? Search engines automatically crawl new websites to add it to the index, but the automatic process takes too much time. Once your CV is ready and a domain name is attached successfully you can submit it to their index to expedite the process. You can even request them to re crawl your CV after you made some changes. You are going to use your… Read more »

Responsive CV got Improved for a better service.

I am Jagan Krishnaraj, the person behind the service since Feb 2013. Responsive CV just occurred as an idea on FEB 2013, and it first went live on Nov 2013. From that time until now, ResponsiveCV served more than 50,000 people worldwide. The mobile devices were just developing at that time & the mobile screen sizes are too small to create a resume. So the responsive cv was created focused mainly to work on desktop browsers. So much has been changed since then. Now it’s May 2020, Mobile devices have become so much powerful than desktop PC’s and the… Read more »

How to download resume from LinkedIn with mobile app

Downloading resume from official LinkedIn app as PDF is not supported as of now. However, you can use our app ResponsiveCV to download a resume from LinkedIn as a PDF. Official site allows just to download only limited sections, but our app downloads your complete profile including projects, skills & accomplishments. It serves as a complete CV for any job you are applying for & a free LinkedIn resume builder. Don’t delay sending your profile to that opportunity just because you didn’t have a perfect resume done, use this method and send your profile instantly in less than 2 minutes…. Read more »

Advantages of following standard resume format

People want to see standard resume format It’s deeply engraved inside the human brain for years that a resume should follow a standard structure with education/experience/Summary/Contact details etc. If they don’t see that structure or see that in different format, they can get confused & usually they don’t have much time to dig deep or make extra effort to look for the required information & make an effort to contact you. And the filtering system that a resume can go through is so huge, there are software & bots that can read & analyse the resume for relevance and ranks your resume… Read more »